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  • We provide our customers with high quality transport of goods throughout Europe.

    Hlavní obrázek


    International transport


    Our goal is to ensure that cargo is delivered on time, to the right place as well as in the required quality, quantity and for a reasonable price.

    england germany netherlands belgium france switzerland austria
    austria switzerland france belgium netherlands germany england
    Information +420 777 762 271
    from 1x paleta
    to 38x palety
    from 50kg balik
    to 24t baliky

    Bulk materials and ground work

    International and domestic transport


    For transport we use tipper semi-trailers, container snap bodies and a TEREX 4 earth-moving excavator (backhoe).

    Information +420 777 747 606


    For transported goods we can also use


    If needed for transported goods, we can use a warehouse of our own with a total area of 1,600 square metres.

    Information +420 775 791 140


    If our capacity is not sufficient...


    We will ensure services via verified transporters so that transport will be done in the same quality as if we had done it ourselves.

    Information +420 777 762 271



    We always provide the best service in order to meet the needs of our clients. Customer satisfaction is the greatest motivation for further development and improvement of our services.


    Dušan Matějka

    Dispatcher - Export
    mobile: +420 777 762 133

    specialises in exports to England


    Petr Hruška

    Dispatcher - Export
    mobile: +420 777 762 144

    specialises in imports from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands


    Ondřej Štván

    Dispatcher - Import
    mobile: +420 777 762 131

    specialises in imports from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands

    Ing. František Kadič

    Dispatcher - Import
    mobile: +420 777 762 252

    specialises in exports to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands


    Zdena Macháčková

    On maternity leave

    Zdeněk Rys

    mobile: +420 777 747 606

    Josef Filkorn

    mobile: +420 775 791 140

    Šárka Bendová

    chief accountant
    mobile: +420 318 638 288

    Lenka Pokorná

    cargo vehicle accidents
    mobile: +420 777 762 125

    Karolína Volfová

    mobile: 777 762 271

    Zdeněk Rys

    mobile: +420 777 747 606

    Fleet of vehicles


    The fleet consists of DAF and Mercedes Benz trucks, which are equipped with three-sided tarpaulin roofs and adjustable roofs for easy loading.



    • Quantity: 12 + 4 with tail-lifts
    • Bearing capacity approx.: 6t
    • Loading length: 7,4 -8,2 metres
    • Number of Euro pallets: 18 to 20

    Tandem Sets

    • Quantity: 14
    • Bearing capacity approx.: 24t
    • Loading length: 8,2 + 7,3 metres
    • Number of Euro pallets: 38

    Trailer Trucks

    • Quantity: 22
    • Bearing capacity approx. : 25t
    • Loading length: 13,6 metres
    • Number of Euro pallets: 34

    Tipper Trailers

    • Quantity: 2 + 1 excavator
    • Capacity of tipping trailers for stone: 27 m3
    • Trailers for scrap metal: 54 m3
    • Trailers for grain: 54 m3



    Our goal is to provide customers with high quality of logistics services, optimally adapted to their needs and requirements. The best reward and motivation for our business is satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

    About us


    The establishment of DORYS CZ s.r.o. in 1998 resulted from the development of JANA RYSOVÁ DORYS, originally established in 1993. Since its establishment, DORYS CZ s.r.o. has been a Czech family business which provides services in domestic and international transport. Over the years, DORYS CZ s.r.o. has expanded its services to include spedition and warehousing.

    In 2012 we invested in the purchase of the premises in which we built our own facilities, which we moved into in December 2013.

    Our Services


    We provide international and domestic transport of general cargo. The minimum of transported weight is 50 kilograms or a single pallet. The maximum of transported weight is up to 24 tonnes or a maximum of 38 pallets.

    If our capacity is not sufficient, we ensure services via transport partners within the Czech Republic, so that the transport is carried out in the same level of quality as if we had carried it out ourselves.

    The price for transport of goods is set contractually. Its amount is influenced by the type, size and weight of the cargo and by whether the entire loading services will be used or already loaded cargo is added to.

    Our vehicles


    Our vehicle fleet consists of DAF and Mercedes Benz branded vehicles. Those are curtain-sider semi-trailers, tandem sets, solo trucks and vehicles for the transport of bulk materials.

    At the moment our business operates with 16 solo trucks, 14 curtain-sider tandem sets and 22 trailers. Moreover, we own 2 tipper trailers for transportation of bulk materials and a TEREX 4 excavator.

    Our Address

    • DORYS CZ s.r.o.
    • Brod 47
    • 261 01 Příbram
    • Czech Republic
    • Company ID No.: 25712659
    • Tax ID No.: CZ25712659
    • Established on: 23 November 1998
    • File number: C 63472 , registered at the Municipal Court in Prague
    • Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • dorys@dorys.cz
    • fakturace@dorys.cz
    • +420 777 762 271
    • 49.6620028N, 14.0168131E



    proof of certifications




    Our Address

    • DORYS CZ, s r.o.
    • Brod 47
    • 261 01 Příbram
    • dorys@dorys.cz
    • fakturace@dorys.cz
    • +420 777 762 271
    • 49.6620028N, 14.0168131E
    • IČ: 25712659
    • DIČ: CZ25712659
    • Opening hours:
    • Monday to Friday form 7am to 5pm

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